Join Slam Team

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Steps to Join Slam Team


  1. Compete on Friday Nights. Scroll down to see rules.
  2. Get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. You have received one qualifier.
  3. Get 5 "qualifiers" over the year as you need 5 to be invited to the GRAND SLAM.
  4. Compete in the GRAND SLAM (held yearly) and place TOP 5.





DO NOT BE SWAYED BY THE AUDIENCE.Score each poet by the same criteria, ignoring whatever boisterous reaction your judgement elicits.





SWAY THOSE JUDGES! Let them know how you feel about the job that they are doing. Be respectful in you exuberance; there could be no show without them.





*subject to change for themed slam or special competitions.

Rules for poetry






Slam Poetry is a competition

invented in the 1980's in which

performed poetry is judged by five

members of the audience.

Perform because you love poetry.

Compete to win.

Perform to be free.

Compete to get qualifiers.

Make the team.

Perform because it's fun.

Compete to challenge yourself.

Perform. It's all love.

Compete. It's all love.

Enjoy. It's all poetry

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2019-2020 QUALIFIERS

Nova 5
Wayne Henry 5
Crush 5
Gabby 5
Twain 5
Jus Marvin 5
Shandhra 1
Jazzmen Victoria 1
Yaw 1
Javon Rustin 3
Durmerrick 1
Jordan 1
Jay 1
April Neal 2
Kalvin J 3
Ozzy 2
B Shatter 1
Mz. Jolie 2
Lady Joshua 1
Showthief 2
Will Henry 1
BeethaPoet 4
Christopher Michael 2
Radi 1